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Ten trends shaping the future of publishing

[A brief note: This post was set to go up yesterday, but we had some problems accessing the blog platform. The same problem appears to have blocked comments since last Friday. Fixed now, on both fronts.]

In June, the web site of the Independent Book Publishers Association featured a post by Berrett-Koehler’s Vice President for International Sales and Business Development, Johanna Vondeling. In it, Vondeling offered her thoughts about the “Top ten trends shaping the future of publishing”.

Presented here verbatim, these trends included:

  1. Everyone’s a publisher
  2. Content comes first
  3. Content marketing is king
  4. Big data rules
  5. Mobile matters
  6. The internet is the classroom
  7. Flux makes for strange bedfellows
  8. High-value networks offer opportunity
  9. Crowdfunding comes of age
  10. The means of production goes hyperlocal

For each of these ideas, Vondeling added two to four paragraphs framing the concepts and suggesting how the trends will play out. Her post is well worth reading, and I found a great deal of agreement.

To give her ideas a bit more room, I’ll be returning to these ten predictions on a weekly basis throughout the summer. Look for posts tied to Vondeling’s work to appear each Monday, starting July 8.


Posted by Peter Turner
Jul 02, 2013  at  10:00 AM

One dimension somewhat lacking in Johanna’s list is the reader/consumer and the need to understand what they’re interested and why. It’s part of the content marketing piece, of course, but its rarely given its due. The publishing industry is largely set up so that the people in publishing who best know reader/consumer (editors) are too isolated from them in the marketing process. It’s a point that’s been made before but editors are the new content marketers and vice versa.

Posted by Brian O'Leary
Jul 03, 2013  at  09:39 AM

Important point - I’ll keep that in mind as I work through the list in a set of individual posts over the coming weeks.

Jul 04, 2013  at  10:10 PM

Thanks very much for sharing this list, Brian.  I’m grateful to hear you found it worth reading, and I’m very interested to hear what others think of the ideas.  I also agree with Peter’s excellent point about the disconnect between customers and those who typically do marketing.  That’s something we’re working to address at Berrett-Koehler, but we’re finding there’s no quick fix.

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