Thing four

Provide readers with tools that help manage abundance

In a series of four posts, I am publishing additional material written for OCLC to support what I see as the implications of content abundance.

The fourth (and final) observation claimed that “publishers will distinguish themselves if they can provide readers with tools that draw upon context to help them manage abundance.” For OCLC’s Futurecast meeting, I added:

In thinking about “providing readers with tools that draw upon context to help them manage abundance”, the Bloomberg example applies, as do several startups that are looking to link content with other content using metadata compiled at the level of components, chunks or even passages.

Developing and using these tools are areas in which libraries may be able to compete and provide lasting value.  Although the nature of content repositories is likely to change, abundance will only increase the demand for both context and the ability to leverage it.  The skills that have been developed to direct and to teach others how to find content could provide a solid foundation for efforts to provide tools that help manage abundance.

Links to the three prior posts include:

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Thanks to OCLC for the opportunity to join the discussion at Futurecast.

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