Magellan Media provides research, benchmarking and business planning services that help smaller and medium-sized publishers manage and grow their top- and bottom-line results.

Magazine, book and association publishers often engage Magellan to improve their content workflows across platforms and uses.

Our About page provides a summary of the firm and this web site. The site also includes information about Events (conferences at which Brian O’Leary is presenting or participating) and Magellan in the News (links to coverage of the firm’s work).

Written by Brian O‚ÄôLeary, our blog (to the right) maintains sections for magazine, book and association publishing.  Themes cross over and you may find posts of value in each of the areas.


Publishing investments
A thing of the past or the next big bet?

Change culture
Why comment sections should matter to publishers

Adapting to the present
Before we go "digital first", how about "reader first"?

Access, abundance and delivering the best ideas

Back to front
Starting with the customer can help reform publishing models

History lessons
Reinvesting in media companies is the ante for staying in business

Story as API
The primacy of the narrative, distributed

Interconnected publishing
Collaboration is a workflow

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Repositories of culture
Why publishers should listen to Clay Shirky (21)

More fights about terms
The opportunity in abundance, forsaken

Webs we weave
My five favorite links in July

Too soon to say
"What the Hachette-Perseus-Ingram pas de trois means"

Companies to watch
Five notable digital publishing start-ups

“Reading in the mobile era”
A study of mobile reading in developing countries (1)

A bit of windfall
More formats, more problems? Or more profits?

Context, trends and opportunities
Three ways to make sense of publishing data

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Institutional voices
The ABA on piracy: better laws; fewer lawsuits; protect the web (4)

Binge learning
Breaking open business models in very productive ways

Launch pads
Start with the need, not the technology

Teaching clients to fish
Ask better questions and you'll need fewer consultants

Design thinking
Carefully framing the problems we want to solve

Pain points
Doing things right vs. doing the right things

“Cultivating a public”
Making change management 'the new publishing skillset'

By the numbers
Blog stats 2013: fewer visitors, fewer visits, still very much global

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