A mobile bibliography

Links that characterize mobile reading

I’ve been drafting a presentation on the current state of mobile reading (tentatively titled “Mobile reading comes of age”) for a presentation at an NFAIS workshop on mobile delivery of content.  Along the way, I’ve come across a range of useful links that I thought I would summarize and share here.

Mobileread’s overview of the devices in the e-book space;

A selective overview of the e-book reader space, in this case from Wired;

An e-book reader matrix, with major vendor comparisons;

Before choosing an e-book, pondering the format, from the New York Times;

Persistence of book apps, from All Things Digital (nice charts!);

At the Nieman foundation, Mac Slocum explains how a McSweeney’s app points the way home;

And at Follow the Reader, Fran Toolan gushes (appropriately) about the Internet Archive’s really cool Bookserver project;

BusinessWeek tries to understand books and the web, and almost gets there;

Reading on the iPhone (Stanza, Kindle and Shortcovers compared);

“Brains, Books and the Future of Print”, a considered review that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly;

A two-minute survey of e-book consumption (caveat emptor);

The introduction of the Asus folding netbook, perhaps the leading entrant in this part of the mobile space;

And if we needed more proof, the Audit Bureau of Circulation is accepting e-book device manufacturers into the fold as members.  Mobile reading comes of age.

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