Too soon to say

"What the Hachette-Perseus-Ingram pas de trois means"

In writing about publishing as an industry, I don't chase news events very often. When I started this blog in 2009, I adopted three basic rules of thumb:

  • Link out before you link in
  • Add value
  • Be constructive

Generally, I've found it hard to focus on breaking news and still do all three effectively.

Yesterday, media journalist Porter Anderson contacted me for comment on Hachette's purchase of Perseus and planned sale of its distribution arm to Ingram. A good deal of the early coverage focused on what this move will mean for Hachette or for Ingram; relatively little addressed what it might mean for authors or the imprints that are moving to Ingram.

I offered Porter Anderson a handful of thoughts, many of which he has woven into a story, "What the Hachette-Perseus-Ingram pas de trois means: 'Too early to say'". It was published today on FutureBook, the U.K.-based Bookseller's digital blog. I probably won't use this as a reason to start chasing the news, but his overview is a good one and worth reading.